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GCH CH TullyBloom's Calendar Girl

GCH CH TullyBloom's Covert Commander Chaos CGC X GCH CH TullyBloom's Cool Cover Girl
(click on the photo for Calee's pedigree with links)

Calee was born in January and, just like the song lyrics, started the year all fine.  We love, love our little Calendar Girl, every day (every day) of the year.

Calee received two major wins (her first points) at the Cottonland cluster during Labor Day weekend 2013 in Monroe, Louisiana, just shy of 8 months of age:  from the 6-9 month puppy class, Calee won a four-point major at the Bayou Kennel Club show on Friday, August 30, 2013 under Judge Judy Webb and she was again Winners Bitch for another four-point major on Monday, September 3, 2013 at the Vicksburg Kennel Club of Mississippi show under Judge R. C. Williams.  In October and November, Calee won single points at shows in Belton, Austin and Houston.  Calee, at 11 months of age, then won a third major and her championship title under Judge Pamela B. Peat at the Texas Kennel Club show on Sunday, December 8, 2013 during the large Lone Star State Classic cluster.

Calee's first time in Best of Breed competition was at the highly competitve Louisville (Kentucky) cluster of shows in March 2014, where Calee won Select Bitch for her first Grand Champion major on Saturday at the Evansville Kennel Club show under Judge Cindy Vogels.  Calee then earned back-to-back five-point Grand Champion majors at the Acadiana and Calcasieu Kennel Club shows in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on June 6 and 7, 2014, under Judges Robert Whitney and Toddie Clark.  Paula then showed Calee to two four-point Grand Champion Select majors, under Judge Dr. Thomas Lee Hossfeld at the North Texas Terrier Club show and under Judge Ronald N. Rella at the Trinity Valley Kennel Club show, during the 4th of July weekend in Dallas, Texas, leaving Calee one point shy of her GCH title, which she picked up the first day of the Cotton Land Cluster of shows Labor Day weekend 2014 with a Best of Breed win under breeder Judge Peggy J. Haas at the Bayou Kennel Club show on August 29, 2014.

Little Calee now spends every calendar day with her new family, Pam and Stan Kent, and has quickly learned to love living the life of a little princess. See her special Calendar Girl Chronicles page.

Calee's Vital Statistics
Date of Birth
January 4, 2013
AKC Registration Number
RN 25027902
Paula Christie Cohen and Charles S. Cohen
Paula Christie Cohen and Charles S. Cohen**
Height at Withers
10 inches (not measured with an official AKC wicket)
14.5 pounds
CHIC Registry
CHIC No. 106444
Good (26 mos.), OFA # WH-340G26F-VPI
Legg-Calve-Perthes Test
Normal (26 mos.), WH-LP106/26F-VPI
Normal (26 mos.), OFA # WH-PA409/26F/P-VPI
Normal/Unaffected, OFA # WH-EYE114/29F-VPI*

 *Go to www.offa.org for more information, including breeder option codes.  **Calee was owned by Paula and Charles Cohen throughoutt her show career, and is now owned by Pam and Stan Kent of Texas.

Calee is pictured with her littermates (Chase and Ready) at about 4.5 weeks of age

Calee at eight weeks
Calee wishing everyone a Happy Tartan Day in April 2013
Calee's first time in the show ring (Dallas, July 4, 2013)
Calee in the grooming area after winning a 4-point major in Monroe, LA (Aug 2013)
Calee with Judge Judy Webb after winning a 4-point major in Monroe, LA (Aug 2013)
Calee's 2nd 4-point major in one weekend at just shy of 8 months, with Judge R. C. Williams in Monroe, LA (Aug 2013)
Calee ringside after earning a five-point Grand Champion major in Lake Charles, Louisiana (June 2014)
Calee after winning Best of Breed and her Grand Champon title (Aug 2014)