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CH Ashscot's TullyBloom Alana

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Alana (a/k/a "Little Alana"), bred by Linda and Lee Wible, began proving herself in the show ring at an early age. In September 2002, at the age of four and a half months, Alana quickly captured the attention of many adoring fans as well as B Match Breed and Puppy Terrier Group Two ribbons. Solid and sassy, Alana started earning wins her first time showing in the regular classes at six months, and completed her championship on November 9, 2003, at eighteen months of age. Sadly, in December 2003, Alana went into kidney failure. Tests ruled out any genetic problems, indicating something toxic somehow entered her system, but an exact cause was never determined. With the help of several veterinarians from clinics, the emergency room, and specialists, followed by months of care and attention at home, we were able to rescue Alana from near death and return her to her former state of spunkiness. Although intended as a foundation bitch, we would not breed Alana due to the kidney damage she sustained, but wanted to continue to honor her on our "Foundation" page as a model for the foundation from which we hope to build a successful breeding program.

In October 2005, Alana moved to her new home in New Jersey where she became the constant companion and central focus of Paula's mother, Pat Christie.  Alana and Pat developed their own special level of communication and an extraordinary bond of love.  "Perfect in every way" was how Pat described her beloved little Alana, who passed away in Pat's arms on the evening of February 3, 2014. Alana was Pat's heart dog and we have no doubt that Pat was Alana's everything.  Rest in peace, dear little Alana.

Alana's Vital Statistics
Date of Birth
May 8, 2002 (passed away at 11 yrs., 10 mos. on February 3, 2014)
AKC Registration Number
RN 007031/02
Linda Wible and Lee Wible, Jr.
Owner(s) / Co-owner(s)
Paula Christie Cohen and Charles S. Cohen *
Height at Withers
10 inches (not measured with an official AKC wicket)


14 - 15 pounds

*Paula and Charles Cohen were Alana's sole owners throughout her show career; ownership subsequently was transferred to Patricia Christie, with Paula and Charles remaining on as co-owners.

Below are some photos of Alana on the way to her championship title.


Below is Alana after her "retirement" in New Jersey